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Valvatinkatu 4
55800 IMATRA, Finland

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Technical dep.
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Beranger business transferred to TOOLS TOOLS Finland Oy acquired 100% of shares in Imatran Pultti Oy including its subsidiary Beranger Oy in the end of April 2021. The acquisition strengthened further TOOLS position as a leading supplier for Finnish industry. Turnover for the acquired companies amount to about 5 MEUR and they have 11 employees. Imatran Pultti joined Business Area Alligo together with TOOLS and Grolls.

As a part of the arrangement the Beranger Oy:s business activity is transferred into TOOLS Finland Oy July 1st 2021. Beranger’s shop and other functions are simultaneously moved to TOOLS premises at Valvatinkatu 4. Beranger’s personnel is transferred into TOOLS as old employees with current benefits, but the company Beranger Oy is continuing as a separate legal entity     

All Beranger’s customer and supplier agreements are transferred with current terms to TOOLS Finland Oy and all business is in the future executed through TOOLS Finland Oy:s company number 2446396-6 (VAT nr FI24463966).